collaborating with AFE!

We warmly welcome all IVF clinics, egg donation agencies, and surrogacy agencies all over the world to work with Asian Frozen Eggs. We understand numerous IVF clinics both in the U.S. and other countries are trying to recruit “in-house” Asian egg donors. We also know high-quality Asian egg donors are extremely hard to find in the market. Hiring an egg donor matched with intended parents in a short period of time places a tremendous financial burden upon IVF clinics and egg donation/surrogacy agencies. The entire procedure is risky and time consuming as well.

With access to our ever-expanding database of high-quality, frozen Asian-donor eggs, your clients could find their ideal donor eggs and start the cycle right away. This would be an efficient approach for both intended parents and the clinic or agency. Clinics definitely don’t want to dedicate their time to looking for donors and processing endless screenings and matches.

Our various options in frozen donor eggs and the ability to start right away will definitely increase overall patient-retention rates and the total number of cycles at your fertility center. AFE is pleased to offer special deals on our packages as reference incentives for IVF clinics and egg donation/urrogacy agencies. And in turn, we can also refer our clients to your clinic to finish their IVF procedures, for the benefit of all involved.

We look forward to working with you in the near future! Please feel free to contact our marketing team by email and phone. Please click here for our contact info.
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