AFE Single Cycle Plan

Plan Cost Services Notes
AFE Single Cycle Plan $20,000 One-Time Purchase of 8 frozen eggs shipped to your IVF clinic Each extra frozen egg purchase is only $2500

When you select AFE Single Cycle Plan, we will provide you with a lot of eight (8) mature donor eggs at an expense of $20,000. If you wish to purchase more than 8 donor eggs from your reserved donor, you can purchase on a per donor egg basis at $2,500/per egg. You can also check the number of available eggs of each donor in our donor database. If you purchase more than 12 eggs at one time, please contact us to know your discount information. The plan fee does not include costs associated with an embryo transfer cycle or recipient medications. In regards to additional fees, please contact your fertility services provider for detailed information.

Plan Information

Include Exclude (provided by your clinic)
Donor Administration Fee Egg thaw, fertilization, and embryo transfer fee
Donor Physical Screening Fee Recipient physical screening and medication
Donor Psychological Evaluation Fee Fee for storage of cryopreserved embryos
Donor Background Investigation Fee Other assisted reproductive services (for example assisted hatching, PGS, embryo scope, and so)
Donor Genetic Screening Fee Extra cryopreserved embryos transfer fee
Donor Medication Fee Any recommended or required diagnostic testing (your insurance may cover this part)
Donor Compensation Fee Pregnancy testing,pregnancy bloods and ultrasounds
Donor Travel and associated Expense
New Cient Consultation
Storage Tank Rental Fee
Other Possible Fees Amount
Packing, Shipping and Handling $1,400

Participant requirement:

According to the latest clinic data, approximately 40‰ of infertility issues are caused by male factors. In order to obtain the healthiest embryos by using our donor eggs, we could never ignore the health condition of the sperm provider. We kindly suggest you to consult with your physician before you reserve frozen donor eggs with AFE program. AFE program requires you to provide us with your latest sperm analysis report and other physical exam results, our physician will review your reports and give you professional suggestions. Because we know that the entire process is not cheap, we do not want you to waste a single penny. All we want is that you come back with a healthy baby in your arm.
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