Advantages of Using Frozen Eggs

1. No Synchronization

Using fresh donor eggs depends upon synchronization of the menstrual cycle of the egg donor and recipient mother. All too often, it is difficult to coordinate the cycles due to following reasons:

2.Immediate Availability

In traditional egg-donor cycles, many variables need to be considered. It takes a long time for egg donors to finish FDA-standard physical examinations, psychological screening, sexual transmitted diseases checks, genetic screenings, criminal background check, and so forth. A long period needs to be anticipated before everything is ready. Many intended parents wait over 4 to 5 months to receive their donor eggs. Choosing an egg donor from AFE program allows for an immediate start to your process. All the eggs in our lab are ready for use, having already had FDA and genetic-carrier screenings. Embryos can be ready for implantation just days after semen deposit. Frozen donor eggs give you confidence that your cycle plans will not be disrupted by the egg donor, whether for failed screening, low ovarian response, or unexpected life events.


The cost of using AFE’s frozen donor eggs is significantly less than using traditional, fresh donor. Based on our experience, the total cost of an Asian fresh-egg donation cycle in the U.S. is approximately $55~$61k ($58k on average), including all related medical and non-medical fees, recruitment, screening, preparation, treatment, medications, and after-care for both donor and recipient. The total estimated total cost for frozen-egg donation falls in the range of  $25k~$40k-significantly lower than the cost of using a traditional, fresh- egg donation cycle. While you will receive a greater number of fresh eggs through a full, fresh-egg donation cycle if everything goes well, you are highly unlikely to use all those eggs to achieve a pregnancy.
Estimated Cost of Typical Asian Fresh Donor Cycle
Clinic Cost $20,000+
Stimulation Medication Cost $5,000
Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) $5,000
Asian Donor Compensation Cost $15,000+
Donor Agency Fee $7,500+
Legal Fees for Donor Contract $1,100+
Donor Psychological Screening $500
Medical Screening for Donor $2,500
Genetic Carrier Screening for Donor $800
Escrow Services for Donor Payment $500
Complication Insurance for Donor $400
Coordination Fee $700+
Donor Travel Fee $800+
Estimated Total Cost $59,800+

4.Large Asian Egg Donor Pool

AFE specializes in looking for excellent Asian Donors who have already passed the  FDA's high-standard screening process. We appreciate the young, attractive women who give their goodwill and greatest gift -the gift of life itself- to our grateful future parents, to make their family dreams come true. Please browse our donor database to see your ideal donor.

5.Higher Success Rates

The latest vitrification technology significantly betters the survival rates of thawed eggs, reduces damage due to ice crystallization, and improves pregnancy rates. Recent data shows there is no statistically significant difference in fertilization, implantation, or success rates between using fresh and vitrification-frozen eggs or embryos. 


When using donor eggs from AFE, your embryo transfer can take place at the time and place most convenient for your family. We are able to ship your chosen frozen eggs to any certified clinics throughout the United States and other parts of the world (if local laws permits).

7.No Waste

Our final goal is to have healthy embryos available, whether you use fresh or frozen donor eggs. While you will get more eggs in a fresh cycle, in most cases, you don't need that many embryos to conceive a baby; the rest are wasted.
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