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Thank you so much for your interests in becoming an egg donor in Asian Frozen Eggs program.

We appreciate your willingness, love, kindness, and sympathy to give the gift of parenthood to those who need help. Asian Frozen Eggs is a highly professional organization that always puts your privacy and well being first. We will never release any of your personal information without your official permission. It would be much appreciated if you could answer following questions so we would be able to determine if you are qualified to proceed to the formal application process.

Thank you again for your consideration in join AFE program!

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  • What is your highest level of education? *
  • Have you donated eggs before? 你曾经是否捐赠过卵子 *
    How many eggs did you retrieval? *
  • Do you smoke? 你是否吸烟 *
  • Are you willing to help others to fulfill their family dream?
    你是否愿意帮助他人完成做父母的梦想 *
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